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      Antiseptic property of the cork

      Cork has good antiseptic properties, but it can not be said that it will never rot. This is just a concept compared with other wood.

      The main reason for rotting wood is that it contains a lot of wood fiber. Wood fiber is not only the “food” for the moth to survive, but also the “culprit” of weathering and rotting, while cork, on the contrary, doesn’t contain wood fiber, so it has characteristics of antiseptic and no insect.


      The general wood which is put in the open air and exposed to the sun and rain might be rot in several years. Before the cork is made into cork products such as cork flooring, cork wallboard and cork, it takes time between a year and five years to outdoor aging. Only in this way can we ensure that the products produced are of good stability and excellent quality. The service life of cork products is up to one hundred years, so it can be concluded that the antiseptic property of cork is unmatched by other wood.


      Although cork itself doesn’t contain wood fiber and has good antiseptic properties, we can only say that “very good”, not it never rots like a fairy.

      For nearly 100 years of anti-corrosion performance, it’s enough for our use. The housing service life is about seventy years now, so it can basically be used through three generations. If our home is decorated with cork floorboard and cork wallboard, it can be quite economical using for 50 years.


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