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      What kind of industry do EVA materials usually use?

      The commonly used sponge is called polyurethane soft foamed rubber, and polyurethane, which is common in life, is a kind of polymer materials. It is widely used in making all kinds of "sponge" products and resilient materials for anti-shock and anti-friction purposes.

      EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is copolymerized by Ethylene (E) and Vinyl Acetate (VA), so we call it EVA for short. EVA is characterized by good flexibility, elasticity like rubber, good flexible at -50℃, good transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti-aging and good ozone resistance strength, non-toxic, good mixing with filler, good coloring and forming. EVA can be processed and formed by molding, extruding, blow molding, rolling, rotational molding, foaming, overlaying, heat sealing and welding.

      ⅠPackaging industry (such as shockproof cushion packaging of computer, advanced medical equipment, precision instruments, audio-visual materials, camera, LCD glass, ceramics, arts and crafts, and all kinds of household appliances, in order to avoid damage in transit)

      Ⅱ Automobile industry (such as car bumper, shockproof core at car side, shockproof core at car door, senior security car seats, tool box, trunk, armrest, bottom plate, visor, dashboard, etc. According to the statistics data, the average plastic for each car is 100~130kg, about 4~6kg EPP plastic used in it.)

      Ⅲ Structural parts of electronic industry (such as lining of the refrigerator and air conditioner, upper and lower end bracket of solar water heater, lining board of the communication equipment, etc.)

      Ⅳ Logistics and transportation industry (such as EPP protective and insulated material, EPP pallet, EPP tray, EPP turnover box, etc.)

      Ⅴ Toy model and sporting goods (e.g. A toy model: aircraft model, vessel model. B sporting goods: sports helmet, surfboard, float, sports mat)

      Ⅵ It can be used as a building material for good insulation and sound insulation in the construction industry. Because of the low thermal conductivity, low water vapor permeability, high energy absorption and compression of the EPP materials, it is suitable to fill the gap of the uneven surface, such as filler in the expansion joint of roof, wall, concrete slab, sealant holder, sealing strip, etc. EPP foaming plates can promote solidification of concrete by reducing the loss of heat and moisture.


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