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      HOTLINE : +86 0631-5332000
      Weihai Hua Qi Trading Co., Ltd.
      My company in the process of vigorous development, continue to explore enterprising, and strive to improve technical standards, management level, while focusing on business development, and strive to establish good communication with customers.

      Weihai Hua Qi Trading Co., LTD, which is located in beautiful city Weihai of Shandong Peninsula, was established in July 2003.

      Main business: various kinds of grip, cork products and fishing accessories.

      As a result of more than ten years of temper, the company has accumulated rich production experience and has strong production capacity. Quality of products also gets the recognition of customers, and after-sales service has been well received by customers.

      Our company is based in Weihai and would like to make friends. On the premise of grasping the industry trends correctly, we’ll work hard to satisfy the customers, and devote to establish long-term and good cooperation relationships with them. We are willing to work with you to meet new challenges and new opportunities.

      Our customers are home and abroad, the current countries of our customers we are serving are Korea and Japan.

      Forge ahead, pragmatic innovation
      Integrity, professionalism, diligence

      Address: No.4 Factory Building, Huangnigou Industrial Park, Yangting Town, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province

      TEL:+86 0631 5332000

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